Noah’s Ark at the Skirball

February 17, 2010

The hype is well-deserved.  Noah’s Ark at the Skirball is remarkable.  What doesn’t impress your child will certainly impress you, from the beautiful, clean architecture and grounds of the Skirball Center, to the clever use of materials in the construction and presentation of the exhibit.

Noah’s Ark is an interactive world, offering ropes to pull, buttons and levers to push, ramps to climb, and rafters to run around.  Hayden was overwhelmed with excitement as we entered a room filled with near-life sized animals begging to be touched (and he did).  As we went downstairs into The Ark he discovered rainmaking machines, secret hideaways, and pulley systems.  Hayden is a button-pusher, so this was his personal heaven.

The next room houses climbing structures; a food-prep area equipped with play food, cooking equipment, and a cauldron; brooms for sweeping up animal “droppings” (one of Hayden’s favorite things in The Arc).  The walls, ceiling, and rafters are adorned with nesting birds, woolly sheep, colorful owls, an impressive elephant, regal lion, and more.  All the these animals are ingeniously made from reclaimed materials of all mediums, from old musical instrument parts to spools of thread and surgical tubing.  The color and textures of these animals create a “touchability” that brings them to life.

The final section of the arc contains a music and art area, where kids can dance, beat on drums, or make crafts at the art table.  This room leads to the finale, an outdoor garden with a waterfall and rainbow, created by misters and the reliable Los Angeles sunshine.  Hayden could have cared less about the rainbow, but he sure loved getting wet by running through those misters!

At almost 2 1/2, Hayden is just now of the age where he could really appreciate all that Noah’s Ark has to offer.  We all enjoyed it and highly recommend for anyone with a child in their lives (or who is a child at heart!).

Be advised that tickets do sell out, so best to plan ahead and get your tickets online.  More info at the Skirball Cultural Center website.

Noah's Ark Pulley Rope

Noah's Ark Animals

Noah's Ark- Running Through the Rafters

Skirball Cultural Center

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2 Responses to Noah’s Ark at the Skirball

  1. Scott Meadows on February 17, 2010 at 6:27 pm

    No pics of the water feature!?



    Didn’t get any “good” ones 😉


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