Oh, Los Angeles!

March 16, 2010

We just returned from a difficult trip back to Texas.  Our early morning departure entailed a layover in San Antonio, turbulence, and a full barf bag (mine).  Our travel DVD player quit working, so we also had a bored two year old on our hands.  Houston greeted us with nice, sunny weather, bottleneck traffic, and hay fever-inducing pollen.  We all had trouble sleeping, especially little Hayden- he just gets too excited about seeing his Mimi and Rooski.  By the end of our trip, the lack of sleep caught up with him, and came down with a cold and fever, making for a less than pleasant flight home. We left our home state with mixed emotions, eager to get back to our home in California, but sad to say goodbye.  We hate living so far away from family, and for me, especially, time with my parents and sisters is so important.

As we stepped out of the LAX baggage claim, Los Angeles greeted us with a dry 80 degrees with a backdrop of snow-capped mountains.  We got  our car and were home in 25 minutes (thank you, carpool, lane).  After crying for the entire 3.5 hour flight, Hayden was so happy to see his little room and crib, that at 3:30 pm he said, “It’s almost night-night time.”  When we put him to bed, it was still so light outside you could get a suntan (thanks a lot, daylight savings).  Hayden was out in 5 minutes.

At 4 am I woke to the sound of someone stomping around upstairs.  I realized it was an earthquake, and a slight smile came over my face.  When I got up an hour later, the early morning air was sweet with the  smell of southern California in bloom, and I was so glad to be home.

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