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March 26, 2010

Taking care of a new baby requires a lot of stuff, like wipes warmers, bottles, bras, pumps, swaddles, slings, wraps, pacis, bouncers, onsesies, and the list goes on.  As baby gets older, you need fewer bottles and more toys.  A lot more.  And as baby becomes a toddler, his needs change a lot.  On one hand, it’s a lot easier to take care of a toddler than a little baby.  You can feed him whatever you’re eating.  You can say goodbye to diapers, and maybe even to the highchair and stroller.  There are a things, however, that can make your job easier and more fun.  Here are some of the things we recommend:

Toddler Tub

We started using this tub once Hayden could sit up unaided and are still using it.  He loves it- it makes him feel secure, and the colorful design makes bath time just that much more fun.  It also saves water!

Björn Potty Chair

We started Hayden on this potty, and it was perfect for him.  The design makes it stable and comfortable, and the high lip in front prevents wee wee sprays!  We recently switched over to the Bjorn Toilet Trainer seat, and we love it, too.

Nature Baby Care Pull Ups

Hayden wears these at night.  They fit him better than the other natural brands.

Patagonia Sun Hat

Hayden has been wearing this hat over a year.  It’s still a little big, but we just cinch it up.  It’s safe to get wet, so perfect for the park or the beach.

Gerber Graduates Forks

We tried other toddler forks, such as bamboo, wood, and plastic ones.  We did not like any of them because they were not sharp enough to pick up any food.  The way I view it, is if your kid is ready for a fork, give him one that he can actually be successful with.  These have nice, thick handles, making them easy to grip.

Chicco Capri Stroller

We rarely use a stroller, so we sold our expensive, bulky stroller last year and got this light weight umbrella stroller.  It weighs nothing!

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One Response to Toddler Favorites

  1. Tina on March 31, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    Thanks for the great suggestions, especially about the fork. I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out which fork to give him. Nothing I see seems appropriate, so I’m glad you suggested the Gerber Graduate forks. Where did you find them? Also, where did you get the sun hat?


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