Evel Knievel

March 21, 2010

About 8 months ago, Hayden rode his Radio Flyer “turtle bike” down a full flight of stairs, in the house.  Neither one of us saw it happen.  We only heard the thuds and screaming as he went down.  Thank goodness those stairs were carpeted- Hayden sustained a bump and scrape to his forehead.  I on the other hand, sustained a near-heart attack.  I watched for signs of head injury for the next 24 hours.

That was the first Evel Knievel stunt at our house.  Today, Hayden rode his tricycle down a set of stairs, inside.  I didn’t see it happen- what I saw was the look on my husband’s face as he yelled, “Hayden, no!” and dove at the stairs in our entryway.  An attempted ride down six un-carpeted stairs, and amazingly, Hayden made it through unscathed.  The Kettler needs realignment.  I need realignment.

Does this just come with the territory of raising a boy?  Because Hayden is what I consider a cautious kid- he is still unsure about going down the slide at the park and gets scared of the swings.  If I had a more physically daring child, it might push me over the edge.  Perhaps my education in nursing has over-prepared me for these incidents.  Anytime Hayden is sick or injured, I immediately go into medical mode, except I am often unable to maintain my composure as I would with a patient.  When it’s my own son bleeding from the mouth, I tend to freak out a bit.  Perhaps ignorance is bliss.

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