The “Momover” …Secret Fit Belly for Everyone!

April 5, 2010

I have an addiction to purging.  Stuff, that is.  I have this fantasy that we can live in a simple, sophisticated, uncluttered home. No matter how much stuff I try to get rid of, our clutter level keeps rising.  I have a  growing pile in the garage called the give away pile that will ultimately get so big that we are forced to sell it off in a garage sale (Carrie: Love it!  Sunny LA weather, weird interesting garage sale addicts, and a cold beer and $300 in your picket when it’s over… Scott: We’re starting HOW early?  How much longer do we have to sit out here?  No, I’m not selling that!).  Or we haul it all off to Out Of the Closet.

We have been through this cycle many times over the seven years we have lived on our place, and I see a garage sale in our near future.  I am planning on REALLY clearing things out this time, so I am going through everything.  I got down all my old maternity clothes to go through, and I found the pants and maternity jeans I wore when I was pregnant with Hayden.  I remember putting those jeans on for the first time, and my mouth flew open.  They were the most comfortable jeans I had ever worn.  Ever.  It’s the Secret Fit Belly.  Super soft, stretchy  fabric that gently hugs your tummy, no matter how much you had to eat for dinner.  I was so tempted to leave those out and just start wearing them like normal jeans.

Think about it.  No muffin tops.  No showing crack.  No tight waistband digging into your stomach (I have, on many occasions, unbuttoned my jeans under the dinner table).   Please tell me, why wouldn’t all women want to wear these?  They come in all styles, bootcut, skinny, petite.   Nobody tucks their shirts in anymore, so it wouldn’t even be noticeable.

Denim designers: take this request to heart.  Consider a more forgiving jean.  I like my enchilada dinners.

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One Response to The “Momover” …Secret Fit Belly for Everyone!

  1. Elly Lou on April 6, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    Just so long as stirrup pants don’t come back in style. I say rock your stealth maternity jeans.


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