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April 24, 2010

So, after this week’s sermon post about feeding your kids, I couldn’t just leave you all hanging.  Finding the time to plan and prepare food for your kids is hard enough, especially if you have a baby who needs to eat every 2-3 hours.  Having some “recipes” or menu items in your repertoire makes it a lot easier.  If your child won’t eat, here are some foods we have had success with.

6 1/2 Months Puree face


With purees, I tried to combine foods that would compliment each other.  When appropriate, I also tried to give Hayden exactly what we were eating, just in a different form.  All purees should be blended until ultra smooth and can be thinned with formula or breast milk. A more powerful food processor may work better than a food mill. As a baby gets older, say around 7 or 8 months, you can gradually start making the purees a little chunkier to introduce texture and get baby ready for finger foods.  With all of these, make a batch and store in your freezer.

  • avocado / banana
  • kiwi / banana
  • blueberry / banana / tofu
  • pumpkin / banana /tofu
  • mango / banana / yogurt
  • papaya / mango / banana
  • carrot / cauliflower
  • carrot /  yogurt / raisin
  • cereal-  start with rice cereal
  • sweet potato-  steam until soft; scoop out flesh and puree with formula/breastmilk
  • white bean puree-  cannelini or northern beans, a teeny bit of garlic cooked in olive oil, and a pinch of salt
  • lima bean puree-  cook limas in chicken broth with chopped carrot, add pinch of salt and puree until smooth
  • broccoli puree-  steam until soft, puree gradually adding cooking liquid and/or formula
  • beef puree-  brown meat in canola with a little onion or garlic; add a little salt and water or broth and simmer 30 minutes; puree ultra smooth
  • chicken puree-  brown dark meat in canola with carrot and onion; add chicken broth and salt; simmer 30 minutes and puree until ultra smooth
  • turkey dinner-  brown dark meat with a little onion; add chicken broth, simmer 30 minutes; puree with sweet potato

Finger Foods

You can start these foods by 9  months.  Start with very soft foods that could easily go down whole.  Your baby will soon learn to “chew” using gums and tongue.  At first, you may need to place it in his mouth, but soon he’ll be picking them up on his own.

  • avocado-  cut into little cubes
  • banana-  cut into little cubes
  • mango-  cut into little cubes
  • papaya-  cut into little cubes
  • melon-  cut into little cubes
  • kiwi-  cut into little cubes
  • sweet potato-  steam until tender, then cut into little cubes
  • carrots-  steam very tender, cut into bites
  • cheese-  cut mild cheese like cheddar or mozzarella into little cubes; serve at room temp so it’s soft
  • spinach or chard-  saute with a teeny bit of garlic and salt until very wilted.  Roll up into little ball-shaped bites that he can pick up
  • brussels sprouts-  saute with a little garlic then add water and salt  and cook until very tender; cut into quarters
  • okra-  cut into bite sized pieces; saute with a little onion and salt, then add water and cook until very tender- the bites will slip right down
  • mushrooms-  slice and saute with little garlic and salt until super tender
  • oranges, tangerines-  peel and cut into small bites, removing any seeds
  • Pirate Booty puffs–  these “melt” in your mouth easily and are a good introduction to texture
  • Cheerios
  • pasta-  cooked, lightly seasoned;  choose a shall shape easy to pick up
  • broccoli or cauliflower florets-  steam very tender, toss with little butter; serve tiny florets
  • whole blueberries
  • seedless gapes-  peeled and halved or quartered

1st Birthday Cake

Toddler Foods (for over 1 year old)

  • cereal-  may move to toddler cereal, or even “grown up” cereals
  • eggs-  scramble semi firm and cut into bites
  • berries-  may now serve raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries (may need to halve these)
  • pineapple-  cut into bites
  • low fat yogurt-  may move to low fat once over age 2
  • asparagus-  season and cook until very tender; cut into bites
  • seedless grapes-  leave skin on but may still need to halve them
  • whole green peas-  can serve semi-frozen right out of the bag
  • fish-  season and saute fillets; “flake” into little pieces
  • chicken  or stew beef-  cook recipe above, add carrots and potatoes, too, but simmer 1 hour+ and serve in bite sized pieces
  • whole limas and other beans (see recipes above)
  • whole grain breads-  cut soft bread into small bites
  • almond butter & mashed banana sandwiches-  serve cut into little bites
  • grilled cheese sandwiches-  serve cut into little bites
  • meatballs  (we love Sheltons Turkey Meatballs and Trader Joe’s Party Meatballs- simply microwave 30 seconds and cut into quarters)
  • quesadillas-  filled with whatever you fancy, cut into bites)
  • pizza bites
  • sliders   (I use sausage patties or make a mini-burger patty; cook on a skillet, serve on bread or cut-down bun with melted cheese and mayo; cut into bites)
  • pasta dishes-  mac ‘n cheese, rotini with veggies;  orchette with marinara, etc.
  • shellfish-  tender shrimp, scallops (cut into bites or use bay scallops), etc.

16 Months With Strawberry

Using the Snack Trap

Fun With Crackers

We Love Waffles


Sunrise Coffee Cake

Whew!  I think that’ll do it for now.

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