Poop Stories, a Sweet Contest, and More

June 30, 2010

I’ve been a neglectful blogi this week, so I am making up for it with a true story.

Which you will now read.

Once, when H was still in diapers, I was changing him after a Number Two.  I was wiping and wiping and wiping and there was a stubborn little bit that just wouldn’t come off.  I took a clean wipe and used  it to sort of pluck the piece of poo poo from his hiney.  When I pulled it, it got longer.  And longer.  And longer.  And then (gasp), “H, how did you eat twine!”  Because I was pulling what I thought was a piece of twine out of his pooper.  Until I realized it was an asparagus spear.  Intact.  He has always been a vegetable lover!

And now, for The Contest!

Submit your BEST kid-related story (does not have to include poop) for a chance to win your very own CD burned-by-The-Sweetest-family copy of My Name Is Roosevelt Franklin. This is an out of print album that is sure to entertain adults and kids alike. Simply click here to submit a story.  Enter “Roosevelt Franklin” in the subject line.  The winner (chosen by H) will receive the CD and have his or her story posted on The Sweetest!

And, there’s more!

This week I will be begin posting a Summer Series of recipes- full of things you can make for your July 4th celebration, or for any of your summer gatherings.  Stay tuned- the first dish is going to be a crowd pleaser.

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3 Responses to Poop Stories, a Sweet Contest, and More

  1. Laura Timanus on June 30, 2010 at 3:08 pm

    Katherine needs to share her bath time poop story.


  2. kris on June 30, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    I do not want to enter any contest, but when my older daughter was about 3 months old? She started peeing out weird crystal things. I was all freaked out, because there was just no way this was a good thing. I looked through all the baby books I had to see what I could possibly be doing wrong to cause these weird uric acid crystals. Nothing.

    And then I googled, “weird rubbery crystals in diaper” and discovered that the crystals were not coming out of my daughter at all, but instead out of the diaper.

    I so did not know before that moment that the diaper was filled with liquid-absorbing crystals.

    There was no pee emergency. Thank goodness.



    Relief that she didn’t have Baby Gout, but kind of freaky that the diaper was breaking down like that!


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