Home Cooking Recipes: Tuna Fondue

January 26, 2010

The chilly weather is back and creating a need for warm, comforting food.  This meal holds a bit of nostalgia.   When I was a little girl, my mother made me grilled cheese sandwiches with tuna salad in the middle, calling it “tuna fondue.”   Perhaps it was simply the name, but I loved it then and still do.   So, here is the tuna melt, Texas style.

1 recipe tuna salad (basic is better- don’t skimp on the mayo!)
sliced cheddar cheese
your favorite sandwich bread
butter (optional)

Begin by buttering up the outsides of the bread, if you so desire.   Then, layer up your sandwich with cheese, tuna salad, then cheese. Grill on both sides until cheese is melted and bread is browned to perfection.   Delicious served with thick, crunchy potato chips and a cold beer!

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