Can Someone Please Tell Me

April 15, 2011

Can someone please tell me how to stop getting all of these cheesy catalogues in the mail?  Because I have already tried canceling through Catalog Choice (twice, thank you *cough* it’s bullshit *cough*), Red Plumb, and through the individual companies sending them, but I am still throwing out thirty-nine pounds of glossy paper a week.

Can someone please tell me why companies continue to print and mail these catalogues using petroleum-based inks when we are supposed to be cutting back on fuel consumption?  And why do I get TWO IDENTICAL Restoration Hardware catalogues when I have not purchased anything from them, online or in the store, for seven years?

Can someone please tell me why the majority of American do not care what is best for the greater good, even if it means that in the long run their children, and their children’s children will suffer?

Can someone please tell me that America will eventually get tired of seeing movies in 3D?  Because 3D makes me very grumpy.

Can someone please tell me what happened to occasionally saying “No” to our children?  Because I recently witnessed a two year-old little girl consume no fewer than seven lollipops in a row.  While her father was watching.

Can someone please tell me why manufacturers still produce and sell fake food and market it as “good for you”?  Remember the whole olestra fiasco?

Can someone please tell me why my three and a half year-old son has, overnight, developed a booger picking and eating habit?  Because one day I saw him pick a winner, and he’s been doing it ever since.  Me: “Hayden, do you need a tissue?”  Hayden: “No, thanks.”

Can someone please tell, me, no PROMISE me, that someday I will be able to turn on a popular radio station and hear some real music?  Made with musical instruments?  Because we sold all of our CDs on Craigslist (I hate all dust-collectors), and my iPod mini only operates when on life support.



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5 Responses to Can Someone Please Tell Me

  1. Leigh Ann (The Twin Spin) on April 15, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    Someone tell me, when I order a gift card for a young girl and have it sent to HER house, why you now send the tween clothing catalogues to ME?? Or rather to my hubs, because he ordered the card, which is kinda funny when he gets a Limited Too catalogue addressed to him, but SEND IT TO HER!!!

    KGSR in Austin is better than ever these days. You can stream it online if you need some real music.


  2. Mommy Nani Booboo on April 15, 2011 at 12:48 pm

    I read somewhere about a British study that said kids eat their boogied because it’s instinctual. There are immunities in there that boost health… same reason monkeys do it… or something.
    That is all I can tell you.
    It is still gross.


  3. subWOW on April 18, 2011 at 8:32 am

    The belief that if you are Christian and you will be rewarded for being Christian has blinded many to their fellow human beings’ sufferings. When Goethe said God is dead he was not really saying it literally, I believe. What he was trying to say was that people, based on our own free will, have to take a hold of our own destinies.

    Wrt. 3D films: I agree. Look at this list though and cry…


    thesweet Reply:

    Noooooo!!!! I’ll never be able to enjoy going to the movies ever again!


  4. thesweet on April 22, 2011 at 12:36 pm

    I so miss KGSR.


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