Red Thing White Thing

May 6, 2011

One of Hayden’s new favorite thing is, “Tell me a story.”

The story cannot be just any story.  No made up nonsense about superheros or princes.

The story must be true.  As for the subject matter, he has preferences, first choice being a story about me when I was a baby.  Or a little girl.  Second choice being a story about his Aunt Bee or Aunt Pet when they were little.  Third choice being about Daddy.

So when he came home from school with his own “story” (the kids verbally tell a story and the teacher writes it down, dictation style), I was a little surprised that it did not being with “When I was a little baby…”  or, as Hayden always says, “Yesterday, when I was a little baby…”

Fiction or non, I think we’ve been reading too much Dr. Seuss.

I like that red thing.

I like that white thing.

That thing.


That blue thing.

That symbol.

I’m done.

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