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May 13, 2011

I haven’t written about stuff I’m wearing (or would love to wear) in a long time, mostly because we are trying to save up for a house, so there hasn’t been a lot of shopping going on.  Plus, I have had plenty of more important things to write about, like the time I won Best Galactic, reusing crusty tissues, and reconnecting with my husband.

But, we are already halfway through May and Los Angeles has managed to warm to a teasing 69 degrees, and you know how a change of season always makes me frisky for some new duds.  Although I’m not int he market to buy right now, I can do some online window shopping…

I am not usually an Anthropoligie fan, but I think a flowy, feminine blouse like this could be worn with jeans, dressier pants, or shorts, like these cute green ones.

These shorts look so friggin’ comfortable, and I love the green print.  And guess what- they’re already on sale!  Get ’em while the gettin’s good…

I’ve had my issues with Stuart Weitzman in the past, but I won’t hold a grudge.  Mostly because I love these sandals so much.  I bought these almost five years ago, and they are still going strong.  Super comfortable, dress them up or down.  And the best part, is that since they are an old model?  You can get them for half off at 6 PM.  I’m tempted to get a second pair.

In Log Angeles, we have what we call “June Gloom” weather.  When the rest of the nation is heating up we are blanketed by fog and grey skies.  Early summer is all about grey.  I found this cool t-shirt that almost looks tie-dyed and oh-so-soft.

Awhile back I purchased these high rise jeans made by Citizens.   I think Citizen’s definition of high rise is my definition of normal– they come up just high enough to hide muffin tops and underwear.  I love them!  Oh, and they are supposedly “ankle length,” but I think that only applies to modes.

Okay, these?  Were actually my one special purchase for spring and summer.  When I saw my mom wearing these shoes, I had two thoughts.  First, I thought how cute and hip she looked.  And then I thought, those shoes might actually be wearable.  As in, they won’t cut me anywhere, or fall off my feet as I am walking, or run three sizes too small.  Turns out, I was right about everything except the sizing.  I did end up having to size up a bit, but these flats are comfortable.  The leather was super-soft right out of the box.  AND- I was lucky enough to get an Amazon gift card from the in-laws for my birthday last month, so I put it toward these shoes.

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3 Responses to Window Shopping

  1. Alex@LateEnough on May 15, 2011 at 8:03 pm

    I love the silver flats but the cinched heel hurts me. Physically and the emotional loss of so many shoes.


    thesweet Reply:

    Normally elastic in shoes hurts me, too, but not these. I did go up half a size, so maybe that’s why, but the gathering is not tight at all, it’s just enough to hold the shoe on.


  2. pattypunker on May 17, 2011 at 7:49 am

    love that anthrolpolgie blouse! very poetic looking.


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