Mommy and Me Haircuts

February 1, 2010

My hair stylist, Helen, is very involved with my ongoing hair saga.  Prior to finding her, I had 10+ years of bad hair.  Too long, too short, too manly, too boring, too I-cut-my-own-hair looking.  Nobody understood my hair.  And then there was Helen.  It was love at first cut.

I had several years of awesome hair.  Then I got pregnant and inflicted with the “I want to do something drastic!” feeling many women get when they are are pregnant, and I cut my long hair off to above the shoulders.  Helen fixed it, but it was like a bad omen for the hair, because during pregnancy and postpartum my hair was all wonky.  I cut it REALLY short, and two years later I am still in recovery mode.

It’s all part of the Momover, and this week it involved Mommy and Me Haircuts.  Unlike my own, Hayden’s hair grows about 1/2 inch a week, I swear.  Most of the time I just trim it at home, but when Helen cuts it, he looks so cute!  See before and after shots of Hayden here, and stay tuned for the chronology of my hair transformation.

Hayden... Before and After

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