Free As a Bird

July 5, 2011

Little redhead bird, high up in a tree.

Whistling and calling down as if to say, “See how cute I am?”

He dares us to catch him.

He’ll never make it out there! We must have him!

An open cage sits on the deck, shiny with a rounded top.

Treats lure him, spark his curiosity.

He ventures closer for a look.

He came up to the cage!

Little redhead bird, back in the tree.

Calling down as if to say, “I see you, too!”

He approaches the cage again.

Look!  He’s sitting on top!

Little redhead bird, perched atop a cage.

Whistling in the mottled sunshine.

He sees us through the window and retreats to the tree.

We will have him, we will!

A shiny open cage with treats inside- he can’t resist.

The little bird hops inside, just to take a nibble.


We got him!  We got him!

Little redhead bird gets a name.

He gets treats and special place by the window.

We talk to him and coo at him.

He is so cute! And he is ours!

Little redhead bird bangs his beak on the bars.

He will not rest.

He sleeps with his eyes open in terror.

He is a little freaky, isn’t he?

We set the cage out on the deck.

He sings at the other birds and enjoys the sunshine.

He seems happy.

He loves it outside!  Oh, wait. He loves it OUTSIDE.

Little redhead bird, longing for the trees.

He bangs his beak and hops around his cage.

Until one day…

Little redhead bird, high up in a tree.

Whistling and calling down as if to say, “La la, look at me!”

Free as a little bird can be.







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