Summer of Sole

July 6, 2011

Summer is officially here. It’s HOT.  Which means shirts and swimsuits will be worn. Make sure you aren’t sporting any bikini spiders.


Summer must be linky season because the fun just keeps rolling in.  I’ve already shown you pictures of my senior hotness, me as big as a house,  and my Axl Rose look-alike.  And now Kirsten over at The Kir Corner has issued a shoe challenge.

And we all know I can’t pass that up.

Kir has declared this the Summer of Sole Sisters, which is better than the summer of bikini spiders.  Everybody is linking up with their favorite shoes for the summer, and I thought I’d start with the ones that I am actually wearing this summer and finish with those “dream on” shoes.  The ones that my pes planus or pocketbook won’t allow.

Mephisto Helen

I’ve been wearing these babies for almost six years, and they’re still going strong.  Unlike Birkenstocks, these Mephistos didn’t take two years to mold to my feet.  They were awesome right out of the box.

Chaco Flip

I have two pairs of these.  I wear them everywhere, every day, all the time.  And when they get gross, I wash them in the washing machine.  They rule.

Cydwoq Delay and Stuart Weitzman Oval

These are what I wear if I want to take things up a notch.  Yeah, I know, both of these shoes are discontinued.  But they are the awesomest of the awesome, and I am sure that any flat Cydwoq or Stuart Weitzman sandal would be a good replacement.

Coclico Heels

I always love the look of Coclico shoes, and I know they are made well.  Unfortunately, they are not made for my weird feet.  But these are so awesome!  Someone seriously needs to wear these at BlogHer.

LD Tuttle Sandal

Love the color combo of these.  Again, I will never have them, but window shopping is fun.

Flat Booties

I’m not sure about the flower detailing on these, but I love the idea of flat peep-toe booties for late summer into fall.







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4 Responses to Summer of Sole

  1. Kir on July 6, 2011 at 7:51 am

    yea… don’t forget to link this on my blog too…I want EVERYONE TO see those fabulous shoes!!!!

    I am loving those Coclico heels, LOVE THEM. If I was going to BlogHer I would def wear them. Alas I am not!!

    and those booties, SQUEEEE, they are fantastic.

    thanks for posting and would love it if you linked up too. 🙂


  2. Leigh Ann on July 10, 2011 at 3:11 pm

    I so love looking at shoes. Handing over money in exchange for said shoes, not so much.


    thesweet Reply:

    Hence my, “I am still wearing these seven years later” shoes and my “love these but will never have them” shoes.


  3. Vikki @ She Has Cute Shoes on July 15, 2011 at 7:10 pm

    Oooh I like the Chaco Flip. Never seen those before. 😉

    And I adore a peep toe bootie. 🙂


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