Love Is In the Air

November 15, 2011

After Sister Number 1 got married last year I was on an emotional high for weeks.  I couldn’t get her and my new bother-in-law out of my mind.  I would even lie in bed at night and replay the events in my head, with a subtle smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart.

Sister Number 2’s wedding was no different.  In fact, this one seems to have taken an even bigger piece of my heart- perhaps because she is the “baby” of the family  ( I say “baby” in quotes because even at a mere 27 years old she might me more mature than I am).   Seeing her all growed up and so in love was almost more than I could handle, and I know it was the same for Sister Number 1 because despite being one of those people who never cries she was tearing up all weekend.

When Hayden got to be a ring bearer in her wedding last year he knew it was special, but I think what he liked most was looking at himself in the mirror (because, duh).  But this time around was different.  This time, he understood.  He was pumped about wearing his tuxedo and even went so far as to say, “When Stella* and I grow up we’ll get married.”

For Hayden, this wedding was going to be magical.  But we had to jump some hurdles first.

After three days of croup, the day before our trip Hayden’s bark changed to an annoying chesty cough.  Which went on all night.

What seemed like minutes after falling asleep, I awoke at 2 am on the morning of our flight and could not hear out of my right ear.  I was not a happy traveler.

Here’s a bit of TMI: I have very waxy ears.  As a kid the pediatrician was always having to perform aural lavage to remove yellow crap from my ears so he could better view my almost-always pussy eardrums.

Seems as though I never outgrew it.  I could not hear because there was so much wax built up that my ear was completely occluded, as if I had placed my hand over my ear and gone underwater.

I called my mommy (as any girl in a crisis would do), and she made an appointment for me to see her doctor.

Aside from me saying what? even when nobody was talking to me, the flight was uneventful, but the night we arrived I could tell Hayden was going south.  You know how it is- everyone else thinks he is fine, but I know better.  A mother only has to look at her child to know he is sick.

By 10 pm he had fever and woke up frequently throughout the night.  He didn’t complain of pain, but I knew it was the dreaded ear infection.

So the next morning we piled into the car together and went to the doctor.  After much scooping of wax I was good as new, but little Hayden had to endure a painful shot of Rocephin and was barely appeased with a juice/lollipop/sticker combo.  He ran fever and slept most of the day, and we had to leave him with my mother’s housekeeper while we went to the rehearsal.  As we left him, he said in a wee little voice, “Are you going to the wedding?”   I don’t know whose heart was breaking more- his or mine.

But he would get to experience the magic after all.  After a coughless, eleven hour night, my little Hayden woke up with a bounce in his hair and said, “I think I am better!”

And he was.

He wore his tuxedo like a pro and was most definitely the cutest ring bearer ever (because, duh).  And this time?  Instead of checking himself out in the mirror?  He stared at his Aunt Bee with starry eyes.  He wanted to be near her all night.  Any time her new husband held her hand or took her to the dance floor Hayden would possessively take her other hand.  He kept whispering into my ear, “Aunt Bee looks pretty!”

And she did.

The wedding went as expected, with all three of us sisters fighting tears the whole time and Hayden gazing at his aunties with outstretched arms.  Hold me?  Dance with me?

And they did.




*Name has been changed to protect the young and innocent.








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5 Responses to Love Is In the Air

  1. Ginger on November 15, 2011 at 9:54 pm

    Awwww. I’m sorry you both had health problems, but darn if that wasn’t the sweetest story of the day!


  2. TILTE on November 16, 2011 at 11:28 pm

    Pussy and pussy are spelled the same way but mean very different things. 😉


    thesweet Reply:

    You raise a very good point. Ha!


  3. auntie in MN on November 17, 2011 at 6:27 am

    Thanks for sharing Carrie. I felt like I was there!


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