His and Hers

November 21, 2011

***Warning. Not for virgin eyes (that means you, mom)***


She’s going to be so into this.

We are so on right now.

That chic from Entourage is so hot.

That Feist chic is so hot.

I’m not even getting tired.

Having a buzz for this rocks.

I shouldn’t have eaten that third enchilada.

I think I’ll let her have a turn.


Oh, really?  Tonight?

I’m so glad I already brushed my teeth.

It will just relax into it.

I think I am already sore from yoga.

I have an allergy feeling in my sinuses.

Sort of like I just ate alfalfa sprouts.

Oh, damn, I forgot to buy sage.

I’ve got to remember to call the insurance company tomorrow.

I also have to run all those errands tomorrow.

I think I need to get gas.

I hope Hayden’s not getting sick again.

I forgot to change the laundry!

Oh, not that. 

I shouldn’t have had that margarita.

Yes, that.


We are so on right now.

I am hot like that chic from Entourage!

Okay, it’s my turn.







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