Love Is In the Air…

February 5, 2012

…And so are germs.

Once, we had to cancel a trip because the day before our flight he came down with a fever and clearly felt terrible.  We watched and waited over the next few hours in hopes that he would pull through, but by that night he was so crazy with fever he couldn’t walk straight.

We cancelled our flight.

Scott and I had a date night planned for Saturday.  We hadn’t been on a nice date in at least six months, so a fun, romantic dinner was long overdue.  But Friday night the almost dreams I was having were interrupted by the all-too-familiar croupy cough.

Dammit.  So much for our early Valentiny date.

Speaking of valentines, Hayden’s preschool is doing a valentine exchange, and we are to bring FORTY-FOUR valentines to school on February 14th.  Last year I ended up spending nearly thirty dollars on not-that-cute valentines (thanks a lot, Hallmark), so this year I vowed to find something better.

We went to the place I both love and hate the most: Tar-jay.


Sixty LEGO Star Wars themed valentines for six bucks.  Hayden will be the coolest kid in pre K.  Unless he follows through with giving all of his Valentines to Stella*.

Also speaking of Valentines, for the next week I will be writing about my tips for how to survive the most tacky holiday invented.  You can read it all beginning tomorrow at This Blogger Makes Fun of Stuff.


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One Response to Love Is In the Air…

  1. Christy D on February 6, 2012 at 9:09 am

    Sorry to here about your date night being cancelled. Hope Hayden feels better! I love Target!! Also, side note, the dollar store has some ok-ish Valentine’s day cards.


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