Blame It On the Bugs

February 28, 2012

Bugs have taken over my son’s bathroom.  And, coincidentally, his body.

It began with a MISSED POOP Friday before school.

Followed by a Friday night barfing.

The kid never turns down “chiniladas” so I knew something was up.  In the car on the way home from the restaurant, “My neck hurts.”  Two minutes later, “My tummy hurts.”

Honey, pull over.  Right here.

As soon as I yanked him over to the sidewalk, Bleh!  And then again (and to think I was just bragging about how probiotics have saved us all).

The next day began with a brief dry heave followed by fever and pouting (the pouting was from me, not him).  And then around 2:00 that afternoon, just as suddenly as it began, “I want some pizza.”

He an entire piece.  And another one for dinner, with broccoli, too.  BUT DID NOT POOP ALL DAY.

Woohoo!  Take THAT twenty-four-hour flu!

Then came the Sunday morning coughing.  And when I say morning, I mean three am.

By noon he was complaining of ear pain.  I gave him the numbing drops left over from three ear infections ago and put him to bed.  He woke up at dinner time hungry and in a good humor.

Woohoo!  Take THAT ear infection!  STILL NO POOP.

Monday he was up and out of bed like a champ but ambivalent about breakfast.  After a forcing of whole grain waffles and citrus, we had POOP!  A lot of it.

And after school?  Two more poops.

Woohoo!  Take THAT constipation!

Tuesday morning he arose cheering for Eggs!  Yogurt!  Waffles!  Berries!

After school we attempted a little gardening in the backyard, which he normally loves.  Not five minutes into it, “Whew~ I am tired.”

And then, “My tummy hurts.”

Oh, no.  Not this again.

We go inside, go poo poo wash hands.  Get into cozy “lounging pants.”  Watch Dinosaur Train.

And then, “My eye hurts.”

Is there anything in this kid that doesn’t’ hurt?

And it only takes one look to  see that it’s infected.  And that his temperature is rising.  And, of course, it’s 5:30, so a call to Dr. H will have to wait.

Are the eye and the ear and the tummy and the pooper all connected?  I don’t know, but I am blaming it all on the bugs.

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2 Responses to Blame It On the Bugs

  1. TILTE on February 28, 2012 at 10:49 pm

    Pearl had something weird going on too. She came home from school two weeks ago and went straight to bed, which is very unlike her. Fever and sleep the next day. Then she was fine for a week. Then had a phlegmy cough every night this past weekend and voluntarily put herself to a two-hour nap at 4pm on Sunday.

    Kids are weird.


  2. Anne at Always Half Full on February 29, 2012 at 7:27 am

    I believe Clorox will be receiving a hefty sum of money from you as you rid your house of the bug invasion. Wishing for good health for you all and soon!


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