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March 20, 2012

Okay, seriously, this child does not stop talking.  Which makes for good blog fodder interesting rides in the car.  I am fortunate to have a verbal child who often makes me laugh and always makes me think.  Here are some of the things Hayden said this week.

Remember when I was three?

Well, me and Daddy are going to Chipotlé someday but you can stay home and just eat dinner by yourself.

It would be cool if we could glue a baseball bat to a piece of wood. We could glue one to the bottom and another one to the top and that would be a pogo stick!

And sometimes it’s kind of yellow. Everyone will think it’s just old dried eggie weggies, but really it’s bird poop.

Mommy, go through this straw to enter Zombie 3.

“‘Jamie’s’ Crying” is REALLY good music.

Mommy, don’t make ANY noise. All I want to hear is the sound machine.

Mommy, those leprechauns are tricky on us. They are really hard to find!


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