On Barefoot Running and My New Suede Shoes

March 12, 2012

I am on a new “Program.”  No, I am not quitting cheese or wine or anything lame like that.  I am quitting shoes.  Sort of.

You see, with each passing decade, my feet become flatter.  They have atrophied and spread out.  So what seems like growing feet are actually just like slops of raw pancake batter.

As you can imagine this has taken a toll on my running and my pocket book.  Running has become more difficult, which goes against all logic (practice makes perfect, right?).  While my feet get progressively weaker, I am developing the quads of an Amazonian and back pain, too.  I also keep outgrowing shoes.

Oh, darn!  These are too small!  Guess I’ll have to go shoe shopping.

Except that shoe shopping suuu-ucks because all shoes are uncomfortable.

I have been reading about barefoot running.  I heard about the whole natural gait thing about ten years ago and put it in the back of my mind where I quickly lost it, but this time is for reals, ya’ll.

No, I am not running LITERALLY barefoot, although if there was a place clean enough in this city I’d certainly go for it, but I am working on my gait and have gone back to wearing a simple stability running shoe (trust me- compared to the motion-control clodhoppers I was wearing I feel like I have lost five pounds).

But all of this doesn’t end with running.  It’s a program, rememberSo it transfers over to civilian life.  At home, I go barefoot whenever possible and wear only flat, minimalist shoes.  Which also means, Oh, darn!  I had to go shoe shopping.

You can read about my new suede shoes and their dirtiness here.

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2 Responses to On Barefoot Running and My New Suede Shoes

  1. Absence of Alternatives on March 12, 2012 at 9:01 pm

    This is very intriguing. I am severely flat-footed and I managed to pass the genes down to my 2 boys. Often by the end of the weekend, my back hurts from me walking barefoot with no arch support. Off to read about your news shoes and the PROGRAM now.

    btw, I had to check out your latest post when I saw on FB “suede shoes”. Elvis? Purple suede shoes? 🙂


    thesweet Reply:

    The mindset is that our feet become flatter as we get older because of wearing shoes- that in countries where people cannot afford shoes, where kids run barefoot, people do not have the problems related to biomechanics that we have. And they outrun us, too 🙂 I have been doing exercises to strengthen my feet and ankles (although not as often as I should), and they are waking up. After ditching the heels and clunkers for month, I am now uncomfortable in any sort of heel at all. The best part- After running shit mileage for the past six months, I did a 7 miler last week.


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