Nobody Can Call Me Poo Head Anymore

March 26, 2012

I used to be a real poo head.

Lathering up real good every day.

But no longer because I am on yet another new program.

Just like my feet, I have weird hair.  Some of it is curly, and some of it is straight.  And its mood changes with the weather (sort of like me).

When I moved to Los Angeles nine years ago and found a stylist who knew how to cut my hair I started to not mind it so much.  Admittedly, my hair wasn’t effortless.  I had a daily hair routine that, once begun, would invoke orders like, “Don’t touch it! Don’t even look at it! This hair cannot be played.”

But once dried and bearing no less than two tablespoons of control paste, my hair was awesome.

And then I became a mother, drawn to drastic measures such cutting all of my hair off, and it has been a battle ever since.  My hair has slowly grown out a bit over the years, but since I abandoned the hair routine with my flat stomach I have grown to hate my hair.

Since I actually have something to work with again, I decided I needed a fresh start.  I did a little online researching and found DevaCurl, a line made especially for curly hair.

Read the rest of the story at This Blogger Makes Fun of Stuff.

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