Can Bliss Come From the Ground Up? Maybe.

April 30, 2012

Those of you who come here regularly may already know that my latest quest for true bliss comes from the ground up.  I used to think that it came from the top down- that if I could just have good hair that nothing else would matter.  And while I haven’t given up on trying to achieve good hair, I have long since ditched the idea that my hair can make everything else right.

Instead of looking up, I’m thinking about what’s down below (no, not that for goodness sake).  MY FEET.

I am obsessed with the idea that if my feet are strong and healthy, everything else will fall into place.  It’s all because of that darned book.  Yeah, I know I said it was awesome, and it was truly inspiring.  But Chris McDougall made it sound like if I just shed the soles that bound me I would be running free, literally and figuratively.

Well, lemme tell you, it ain’t that easy…

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