No List Needed

May 22, 2012

There was no point in doing a Tuesday’s List this week because Hayden only says three things now.

  1. I know that.
  2. I already know that.
  3. You already told me that.

After feeding him pigs ‘n the blanket for dinner and listening to his smarty-pantsness all day, I was really starting to feel like a less-than stellar parent  and took a turn for the worse when Scott chided me for leaving Arthur in his crate for too long.

It was a a little over two hours, which apparently, is unacceptable.

What? I had to do some stuff.

I am new to this doggie-parenting thing.  I read the articles and try to do everything right.  In a way it’s actually harder than having a kid.  At least with a kid, as long as you try your hardest and feed him mostly good and take care of him when he’s sick and kiss him goodnight he is going to turn out okay.

With dogs, one rookie mistake turns into a lifetime of bad behavior.  Accidentally point your finger when you say, “No!”?  Tsk Tsk.  Accidentally let him up on your bed and under the covers for just a second because it was do damned cute?  Tsk Tsk.  Accidentally let him jump around when you return home?  Tsk Tsk.

I am no Cesar Millan (although I think we are the same height).

…thirty minutes later…

Oh, sorry.   I got sidetacked reading Cesar.  Apparently, I need to run Arthur like crazy first thing in the morning, which is hard to do with Hayden around.  How do people handle dogs and kids at the same time?

If I am the one who lets Arthur out of the crate in the morning and take him out to wee wee?  When Hayden gets up he throws himself down on the floor and whines and cries.

Between his whining and Arthur’s whimpering, I don’t know how much more I can take.

Please tell me this gets better.

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4 Responses to No List Needed

  1. Laura Timanus on May 23, 2012 at 7:57 am

    My advice: don’t take Cesar too seriously. Dogs will misbehave and its not the end of the world. We learned to relax about it a long time ago.

    Spirit hardly ever gets walked in the am.

    Can I have pigs n the blanket when I come visit?


    thesweet Reply:

    Where do you keep him when you are gone? Scott wants to just put Arthur int he backyard, but I am not comfortable with that. When I come home after just an hour or two (Arthur having been in crate), he FREAKS out, jumping, licking, wiggling, whimpering. Happy to see me, but also maybe anxious (per Cesar).


  2. Anne at Always Half Full on May 23, 2012 at 9:11 am

    He’s a puppy. A young puppy. He is supposed to freak out when you come home. My dog is 8 and he acts like he’s met someone new every time he/we walk in the door. We’ve learned to live with it!



    He is a little over a year old, so I guess that’s still considered puppy. I am new to this whole dog thing.


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