A Family Vacation Without Rides, Characters, or Parades.

July 9, 2012

When I was sixteen years old everyone went to the REM concert.  Everyone but me because I went to Disneyland with my family.  Did I mention that I was sixteen?

Disneyland with parents, a four year old, and an eleven year old was just that.  NOT COOL.  Although, admittedly, that trip made for some hilarious memories for our entire family, and I always felt sort of guilty for not loving every minute of it because now I know how expensive it is to fly a family of five to California to go to Disneyland.

Twenty-three years later (last week) we took our first family vacation, with Hayden and Arthur in tow.  It really was a vacation- no social obligations, no theme parks, and nobody’s terms but our own.  We went to Palm Springs, which was an intense 109 degrees at 3 pm, but we had a good time and needed a full week of recovery (turns out, that sleeping in the same room with a dog and a child will yield no sleeping at all).

We went to the Living Desert Zoo, and despite the heat we enjoyed it a lot.  Hayden was a real trooper, although from the look on his face in this picture you’d think we had kidnapped him and dragged him out to the desert.

Why can’t we ever get a decent family photo?

Anyway.  I wrote a review of the hotel we stayed in.  You can check it out at This Blogger Makes Fun of Stuff.



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