Dear Diary, It’s Me, Hayden.

July 17, 2012

Today Mommy cried because there was lots of fussing.  She is always telling me the same thing, and I don’t like that.  This morning she told me no running or jumping or water play at school because of my bobos, and I didn’t like that so I had tears.

Mommy made me the kind of bandage I like with the butterfly and the gauze and two Lightening McQueen bandaids, not the kind with fat gauze and tape.  She put extra bandage stuff in my cubby at school, but I didn’t need it.

After school we went to Trader Joe’s and I got to pick out the bread and have a granola bar treat.  I ate it in the car and then we went to Do It Center, but they didn’t have any good gloves so we went to OSH and we were going to buy a bucket, but they didn’t have the right kind, so Mommy got some gloves and I got to push the elevator button, but not the number one just the arrow.  I wanted to push the number one AND the arrow.

My granola bar treat made me thirsty so I drank my water cup from my lunch in the car.

I helped Mommy in the front digging for earwigs but Mommy was mad at me because I was fussing because I wanted to push the green bin all by myself and then she left me but I didn’t need her help, so I was fussing.

I got dirt in my bobos so we had to go inside.

When Mommy was cleaning my bobos I was fussing because I wanted a snack and Mommy pushed my hiney.  She yelled at me because I changed the bowl for the peanuts and I wanted a LOT of peanuts, not just a little even though it was almost dinner.  She took my new dinosaur toy away but then gave it back because I remembered to say I’m Sorry.  At dinner she made me cut my pizza into bites, and I was crying because I wanted a big piece and pepperoni.  Mommy said I always pick off the pepperonis but this time I wanted pepperoni.  We had margherita pizza, plus Mommy had the spicy pizza.

We watched the whole disc of The Muppet Show the one with Beaker on it but then I was fussing after dinner and Mommy cried.  It scared Arthur when she yelled and then dropped her phone because there was a praying mantis on her shirt in the kitchen.

We still got to have a story at bedtime.  Mommy said her favorite part about today was going to OSH with me, and I said my favorite part was the fish pond.

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One Response to Dear Diary, It’s Me, Hayden.

  1. Ms. G on July 21, 2012 at 9:35 am

    Dear Hayden, Some days Mommies just need and deserve a good cry.


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