Basil and Bourbon? Yes, Please.

August 12, 2012

This is my sad refrigerator.

And to think I started this as a food blog.

I tend to think of myself as a resourceful cook, but I cannot create a meal out of watermelon, eggs, and mini Bonbels.  My refrigerator has been feeling empty and neglected.

My liquor cabinet, on the other hand, is filled to capacity.  Mostly with stuff I won’t touch.  But on hot days like these an icy drink tastes so good, and you know what they say- liquor is the poor man’s dinner.

I had a bottle of Hornitos but was out of limes, so my standby margarita wasn’t an option.  And then I noticed a bottle of small production bourbon and thought, “Hmmm…”

I don’t know the last time I drank bourbon.  Or if I have every really drank bourbon (I mostly use it for cooking), but since I did have herbs growing in the yard, I decided to get creative.

2 lemons
1 tsp sugar
2 sprigs basil
Kentucky bourbon
club soda

In a double old fashioned, squeeze lemon juice and add sugar.  Mix to dissolve sugar.  Add basil and muddle.  Add ice.  Pour in bourbon (I’ll let you be the judge) and top with club soda.  Stir, garnish with basil and lemon, and enjoy!



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