I Drive a Purse.

September 11, 2012

Remember that meme awhile back, “What’s in your purse?  And everybody took pictures of the insides of their purses and laughed at the crazy crap they carry around every day?

I didn’t participate in that meme because pictures of my purse would have been boring.

There is only one item in my purse because I am holding my phone for this picture.

I only have two things in my purse- a wallet and a phone.  Because all I really need is a vessel for carrying my wallet and phone.

Everything else is stored in my car.





Nail file.

Emergency tampon.

Emergency rubber band.

Emergency bobby pin.




Towel chip for the Y.

Reuseable grocery bags.

Yoga mat.

Earthquake bag.

Car emergency bag.

Plastic sheeting from nursery.

Bandaids and neosporin.

Pet taxi.

Doggie towel.

Tote full of junk that serves as dumping place for more junk.

Hand wipes.

I am out of hand wipes, which is not good, although I am fairly positive this is not the reason Hayden is sick AGAIN.

Two days back at school and the kid already has a fever.

Do other parents not bathe their children, or something?

Because I am pretty sure mine does not have an immunologic disorder, and yet he is afflicted with germs every 11.6 days.

Please send wine and sanitizer.




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One Response to I Drive a Purse.

  1. Amy on September 11, 2012 at 10:39 pm

    The other day I had to go out to the car to retrieve clothing both for myself and my child in order to get dressed. It’s as if we are squatting in there. Pretty sure we could survive for at least 48 hours on the food hiding under the seats.


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