Bear Country

November 21, 2012

I am finally in a deep sleep.  Dreaming in fact, when I hear Arthur barking like crazy.

In my half-dead state, I jab Scott awake and tell him to go fix it.

He just lies there.

Arthur is still barking.

I give him a shove and mumble something about being the man of the house.  He gets up to go see what’s going on, only to return moments later with an “I dunno” and climb under the covers.

By now I have no chance of going back to sleep so I get up and whisper-fuss at Arthur to go night night, but he is not satisfied.  He knows something is out there.

I flip on the light in the back of the house.  Ten years of living near gang territory leaves me half-expecting to find an intruder, but then I remember we moved to bear country.  I don’t see a thing, so I move to a window where I can get a view of the street.

I peek out and see a dark, furry figure running up the street.  It is not a dog, but it’s bigger than a cat.  And husky.  It runs straight up our driveway and into the bushes between us and the neighbors.  Arthur doesn’t like it one bit.  I take another peek out the window and see two large dogs running the same way.  Noses to the ground, they sniff out a few houses down the street and then track the animal up our driveway.

I tell Arthur night night and get back in bed, knowing there are three large beasts circling our garage.

Scott turns over and snores.

Of course, I cannot go back to sleep.  After all, this is bear country.


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One Response to Bear Country

  1. Mom on November 23, 2012 at 8:05 am

    Is it possible it was a racoon??


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