Pig Meat and an Avian Scuplture

January 16, 2013

For the record, Monday night’s pulled pork turned out to be less than expected.  Perfectly tender, juicy, “pig meat” (thank you, Hayden) ruined by way too much paprika. And the CROCKPOT.  Once again, I am reminded that crockpot meals taste weird.  If anyone can offer up some good crockpot recipes I might be willing to try again.

Moving on…

True to his nature, Hayden shared some graphic ideas with me yesterday.

As we walked into the house after school, we heard a thunk! and witnessed yet another bird crashing into the window in our dining area.  Some sort of blue bird.  He quickly made for the nearest branch but stayed there, and I could tell he was hurt.

I told Hayden that if he dies we could find a special spot and bury him in the yard and place a little flower on top, but he had other ideas.

“Or, maybe we can set him on the table, take all the flesh out, take all the pieces apart, then put them back together and create a sculpture out of it.  Then we can take a picture of it.  And concentrate on it.”

I’d best prepare myself for the morbidity that lies ahead.

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2 Responses to Pig Meat and an Avian Scuplture

  1. Erin on January 16, 2013 at 1:17 pm

    Ok the best thing I make in the crock pot is chicken tikka masala. It’s a little time intensive but sooooo good.


    thesweet Reply:

    THANK YOU. I am totally going to make this. I’ve seen that chic’s blog (although not made any of her food). A little work early in the day is ok if it means I am not scrambling at 5:00


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