Easy Fix For a Dinner Crisis

February 14, 2010

On a day when I am having what I call a dinner crisis, meaning I have nothing to cook or no time to do it, a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken fits the bill.  Even when I already have some vegetable or sides planned, I may not feel like cooking chicken, and a rotisserie chicken makes a great stand-in for roasting my own or preparing some other labor-intensive dish.

I have been a little anti-Whole Foods lately (it’s like the Target of “gourmet” now, isn’t it?), but I continue to stand by their cooked chickens.  Super moist and tender, they are the perfect size for a family dinner and then some leftovers.  Hayden LOVES it and feels important when he gets to eat a chicken leg like a little caveman.  At $10.99, it’s definitely worth the price.   And bringing it home fills the car with the delicious aroma of hot, herbed chicken.  Mmm…

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